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Align NeglectedOrDelinquentProgramService Descriptors with EDFacts




      Proposal to add "At-Risk Program" to the list of values for the NeglectedOrDelinquentProgramService Descriptor.

      EdFacts N and D Programs: 

      N or D Program (Subpart 1)

      The types of program under ESEA, as amended, Title I, Part D, Subpart 1 (state programs).

      Permitted Value Abbreviation    Permitted Value Description    Comments
      NEGLECT  |  Neglected programs  |  An institution for neglected children and youth is a public or private residential facility, other than a foster home, that is operated primarily for the care of children who have been committed to the institution or voluntarily placed under applicable State law due to abandonment, neglect, or death of their parents or guardians.
      JUVDET  |  Juvenile detention  |  Detention facilities are shorter term institutions that provide care to children who require secure custody pending court adjudication, court disposition, or execution of a court order, or care to children after commitment
      JUVCORR  |  Juvenile correction  |  An institution for delinquent children and youth is a public or private residential facility other than a foster home that is operated for the care of children and youth who have been adjudicated delinquent or in need of supervision. Include any programs serving adjudicated youth (including non–secure facilities and group homes) in this category.
      ADLTCORR  |  Adult correction  |  An adult correctional institution is a facility in which persons, including persons 21 and under, are confined as a result of conviction for a criminal offense.
      OTHER  |  Other programs  |  Any other programs, not defined above, which receive Title I, Part D funds and serve neglected or delinquent children and youth.
      MISSING  |  Missing  |  Use when data are not available by this category.




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