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StudentAssessment - need a way to capture untested students




      Eric.Jansson  ecomer 

      Use Case - Coming from the WI/ACT work

      In WI, we need to have a method to send untested students via the API.  I am sure this may be a need in other states too.  Sayee can confirm this later.  

      In Ed-Fi model, the StudentAssessment.AdministrationDate is for capturing the actual test date which means that the entity is meant to capture the assessment outcomes of a student who has taken the test on that specific day.  

      Since the model does not allow the untested students to be sent via the API, WI is proposing a following work around.  

      1. Assessment administration for ACT is between a range of dates for example from Mar 8 2022 - March 23 2022.  For untested students, vendors can send the administration date to be the last date of the range, in this example it will be March 23 2022 with the 'ReasonNotTested' info.  
      2. The above work around causes a data quality issue here.  We are filling in an administration date that does not exist.  There will be students who are testing on that last day of the administration date, so we need to make sure that we check the 'ReasonNotTested' when the administration date = last day of the test range.    

      WI is looking to see if there is a standard way to capture the untested students.  

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