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Descriptor definitions for calendar event are unclear




      Original ticket from Lee Barber edited to provide a summary and remove unnecessary details. 

      Ed-Fi does not document the definitions of descriptors and therefore some of the semantics can be unclear. This seems to be the case with Calendar Event Type, where it was unclear how to map from Ed-Fi's default descriptors to agency defined values.

      From the original ticket description (see ticket history for original):

      We have a data analyst that is helping write the descriptor mappings between Infinite Campus and Ed-Fi.  I have provided a first pass for him to see how our values might be mapped to Ed-Fi descriptor values.  The issue isn’t what those Ed-Fi values are, but what do they mean.

      Here is a mapping table of what I am talking about…he’s having trouble mapping some of them because he doesn’t know what Teacher Only Day means, for example.

      See below

      Ed-Fi Value MNPS Value
      1 - Emergency day  
      2 - Holiday CH - Holiday - Christmas
      OH - Holiday - Other
      SH - Holiday - Spring Break
      3 - Instructional day Normal School Day
      OI - Discretionary - Instructional
      WN - Commissioner Waived School Day
      4 - Make-up day MA - Make-Up Saturday
      MD - Make-Up Extend School Day
      MH - Make-Up Previously Designated Holiday
      MS - Make-Up Extend Service Program
      MU - Make-Up Sunday
      5 - Other AE - Attendance End Date
      AS - Attendance Start Date
      CE - Calendar End Date
      CS - Calendar Start Date
      MI - Missed Instructional Day
      OO - Discretionary - Other
      OV - Discretionary - Teacher Vacation
      TV - Teacher Vacation
      6 - Strike  
      7 - Student late arrival/early dismissal AD - Abbreviated Day
      8 - Teacher only day IO - In Service Optional
      IS - In Service Day
      PT - Parent-Teacher Conference
      OA - Discretionary - Administrative
      OS - Discretionary - In Service
      SP - Stockpile - Professional Development
      9 - Weather day SI - Stockpile Inclement Weather


      For example:  What does Student late arrival/early dismissal day mean in Ed-Fi data terms?


      Note that Ed-Fi historically aligned/derived its values from the CEDS Calendar Event Type - https://ceds.ed.gov/CEDSElementDetails.aspx?TermId=11596


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